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2022 Dodge Challenger Price Features And Specifications

Dodge Challenger 2022

Dodge Challenger is an American automobile car. The generations of this automobile are not the same but indifferent. It consists of 3 of three generations in different forms. This car was manufactured by Dodge Challenger price. In 1959 first time DODGE sale kept the name of the car is Challenger. The production starts from 1969 to 1974, 1977 to 1983 and the last 2008 to present time. The body and chassis are very excellent. There are 8 transmissions.

The maximum Horsepower is [email protected] and the maximum torque is [email protected] The capacity of seating is 5. It consists of V8 cylinders and the combined MPG is 17mpg. Used Dodge Challenger has many entertainments. It consists of 6 speakers and a USB. Satellite radio and AM and FM is the best entertainment source for passengers.

dodge challenger


DODGE CHALLENGER has many features and characteristics. Every part has its own role.


There are 8 transmissions.

Every gear is a different ratio.

The ratio of 1st gear is 4.71.

The ratio of 2nd gear is 3.14.

Ratio of 3rd gear is 2.11.

Ratio of 4th gear is 1.67.

Ratio of 5th gear is 1.28.

The ratio of 6th gear is 1.

The ratio of 7th gear is 0.84.

The ratio of 8th gear is 0.67.

The ratio of reverse gear is 3.29.

And the ratio of final drive axle is 3.07.

Dodge Challenger Price

Dodge Challenger ENGINE

The type of engine is a regular unleaded V-6.

Displacement contains 3.6 liters/220 inches.

The maximum Horse Power is [email protected]

Maximum torque is [email protected]


The wheelbase contains 116.2 inches.

The length is 197.9 inches.

Width consists of 75.7 inches without measuring mirrors.

The height is also an important that is 58.4 inches.

The width of front track is 63.4 inches while the width of rear track is 63.8 inches.

The clearance of minimum ground is 5.2 inches.

dodge challenger 2022


Ability or capacity of passengers seating is 5 and volume is 93.9 cubic feet.

Front Head Room is 39.3 inches and front leg room is 42 inches.

Front shoulder room is 58.5 inches while Hip room of front is 55.3 inches.

2nd Row of Head Room is 37.1 inches.

2nd Row of Leg Room is 33.1 inches.

2nd Row of Shoulder Room is 53.9 inches while 2nd Row of Hip Room is 47.8 inches.


Steering is also an important part of car. It is helpful in driving. With the help of steering you can move a car to every side.


The type of front suspension is short and long arm.

And Rear suspension is multi-link kind.


DODGE CHALLENGER has a brake system is anti –lock in 4 wheels.

The brake is disc type in four tires.


The size of front wheel and rear wheel is same 20 x 8 inches.

Both types of wheel material is made up of aluminum.

Spare tire is also presents in this car.


Airbags are an important safety for driver and passengers.

It controls Electronic Stability or simply you can say ESC and Roll Stability Control or RSC.

Safety of belts is very necessary in car during travelling.

The airbags presents in first and 2nd row.

Headrests consist of 4 number 2 are present in front and other 2 is in rear side.

Safety of children

Disc brakes


Following instruments are used in car.



Trip meter

Compass is also important instrument that is used in car.

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