2022 YAMAHA YZF-R6 Bike Price in Pakistan

YAMAHA YZF-R6 is also called Yamaha R6 and it is sport bike class. The engine is very well and capacity of engine is 600cc. YAMAHA Motor Company is the manufacturer of this bike. It was introduced in 1999. There are 4 numbers of cylinders and 6 numbers of gears. It consists of 2 wheels. The curb weight of this bike is nearly 190 kilogram or kg. The maximum Horse Power is [email protected] RPM. The maximum torque consists of 61.7 [email protected] rpm. The system of starting is electric. The kind of battery is maintenance free. Head lamp is automatic. It consists of many instruments such as speedometer, tachometer and clock and many others. The trail consists of 97mm. The top speed of Yamaha YZF R6 is 262kmph. It consists of 67mm bore and 42.5 mm stroke. It has many important characteristics. It looks good and advance technology. The engine is powerful. The type of fuel is petrol. It is present in different colors. The capacity of fuel tank is 17 liters. The emission or Co2 is 154g/km. It consists of many indicators. Pass light is also main and important. Front and rear brake is a disc form.



  • The engine of this bike is very excellent.
  • Displacement contains 600 cc.
  • The maximum horse power is 118.4 [email protected] rpm.
  • Maximum torque is 61.7 [email protected]
  • The system of cooling is liquid type.
  • There are 4 number of cylinder.
  • The ratio of compression is 13:1.
  • It consists of 67 mm bore and 42.5 mm stroke.
  • The gear is constant mesh.
  • It consists of 6 numbers of gears.
  • Clutch is also present that is multiple and wet type.


  • Front brake present in duel disc type that is 320mm.
  • Rear brake is single disc type that is 220mm.
  • It controls traction.
  • The front tire is 120/70-ZR 17M/C OR 58W.
  • The rear tire is 180/55 ZR17/M/C OR 73 W.
  • The size of front and rear is same that is 17 inches and consist of tubeless and alloy form tyres.


  • The suspension of front is 43mm and suspension of rear is mono shock.
  • The chassis or frame is made up of diamond.
  • The front wheel and rear wheel is same travel that is consist of 120 mm.



  • The overall length of the bike is 2040 mm.
  • Width contains 695mm and height is 1150mm.
  • The clearance of ground is 130 mm.
  • The height of seat is 850 mm.
  • The wheel base contains 1375mm.
  • Curb weight is 190 kilogram or kg [4 mounds and 10 kg].
  • The ability or capacity of fuel tank is 17L and capacity of engine oil is 3.4 liters.


  • Instruments are the important that are present in bike. Following instruments are present in YAMAHA YZF R-6.
  • Speedometer in digital form
  • Tachometer in analogue form
  • Trip meter and odometer in digital form
  • Clock is also present in the form of digital.
  • Two types of indicators are important one is low battery indicator and low oil indicator.


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