Ferrari F1-175

2023 Ferrari F1-175 Review, Specs And Performances

Ferrari F1-175 Review

Ferrari F1-175 is a type of formula one racing car. It was constructed by Scuderia Ferrari. Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jr. drive Ferrari F1-175.  The transmission is 8 forward and one reverse. The suspension is present on the front and rear sides. The front suspension is a double-wishbone pushrod and the rear suspension is a double-wishbone pull rod.  The type of fuel is shell unleaded E10. The weight is 150 kilograms. The dry sump is the lubrication. The displacement consists of 1600 cc. The system of fuel is direct fuel injection. The maximum horsepower is 740 [email protected] KW. The description of transmission is automatic. The body type is carbon fiber composite. Ferrari F1-175 is a source of comfort and entertainment. Its outside and inner side looking are very well. The top speed is 372.5 km/h. It contains 2 wins one is Australian and the other is Bahrain.

Ferrari F1-175

Ferrari F1-175 Specifications

Ferrari F1-175 Engine

The ability or power of the engine is very. An engine is a solid and powerful part of the car. With the help of the engine, the car is running. The maximum horsepower is 740 [email protected] KW. Ferrari F1-175 engine displacement consist 1600cc. It consists of configuration electric power. It is constructed with aluminum, block, and head. The bore in the engine is 80mm while the stroke is 53mm.

Ferrari F1-175

Ferrari F1-175 Transmission

The word transmission means transmitting. Ferrari F1-175 contains 8 numbers of gears. Every gear has a different ratio. The description of transmission is automatic. Gear is a very necessary and functional component in the car.

Ferrari F1-175 Mileage

Ferrari F1-175 mileage is best due to his best engine. This car travels 190 miles distance in 110 kilograms of fuel. The capacity of the fuel tank is 30 gallons. The mileage means the average of cars in the form of miles and kilometers. This car considers the best sports car due to its excellent mpg.

Ferrari F1-175 Suspension and Brake

A brake is also a necessary and functional part of the car. With the help of the best disc brake, you save from harmful conditions and accidents. It contains a disc brake. Ferrari F1-175 suspension may be front and rear suspension. The front suspension is a double-wishbone pushrod. On the other hand, the rear suspension is a double-wishbone pull rod.

Ferrari F1-175 Coloures

Every man has his own choice in coloure. It consists of different coloures. Different people buy Ferrari F1-175 in various forms. Now this car is available in many countries. Mostly this car is present in red coloure.

  • Bright yellow
  • Dark
  • Blue
  • Red

Ferrari F1-175

Ferrari F1-175 Price

The price may be present in various forms in different countries. The cost of this car is 12.20 million. Many people adopt this car for sports. Now this car became famous in many countries.

Ferrari F1-175 Performances

  • Ferrari F1-175 consists 4 numbers valves per cylinder.
  • The top speed is very great is 372.5 km per hour.
  • The engine displacement is 1600 cc.
  • The red coloure is most common.
  • Many people buy this car in red coloure.
  • The maximum horsepower is [email protected] rpm.

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