Ford Escape

2023 Ford Escape Review, Images And Specs

Ford Escape Review

Ford Escape is also known as Ford Kuga. Ford is the manufacturer of the Ford Escape. Ford Maverick is also the name of this vehicle. The production occurred in the country of China and Europe from 2001 to 2008. The assembly is done in the United States country Malaysia, Japan, Germany, Russia, and a few other countries. Ford Escape is the type of compact crossover SUV. It consists of four numbers of generations. The production starts from 2000 to the present times. The body style is very well. It consists of 5 doors SUV. The first generation of Ford Escape 2018 was developed with Mazda which created the Mercury Mariner and Mazda tribute. It is the most popular in the country of United States. The Mercury Mariner starts from 2004 to 2007 and the Mazda Tribute is from 2000 to 2008. The base curb weight is 3474lbs.

Ford Escape

Ford Escape Specifications

Ford Escape Interior Dimension

The capacity of seating is 5. Five persons set and can easily travel. The front hip room contains 55.2 inches. The front shoulder room is 57.6 inches. The front legroom is 42.4 inches. The front headroom consists of 40 inches. The 2nd front headroom contains 39.4 inches. The 2nd front legroom consists of 40.7 inches. The 2nd front shoulder room is 56 inches and the 2nd front hip room is 53.3 inches.

Ford Escape Exterior Dimensions

The wheelbase is 106.7 inches. The width of the rear track is 61.8 inches. The overall height of the Ford Escape is 66.1 inches. 2021 Ford Escape’s length is 181.3 inches. The clearance of the ground is 7.3 inches. The width of the front track is 62.4 inches.

Ford Escape Engine

 2013 Ford Escape’s engine ability is very well. The engine is the most powerful part of the vehicle. The maximum torque is [email protected] maximum horsepower is [email protected] engine displacement consists of 1.5 L/91. There are 3 numbers of cylinders. It consists of 12 numbers of valves.

Ford Escape

Ford Escape Transmission

The transmission means the transmitting of gears.  All the gears are consists of different ratios. There are 8 numbers of speeds. The description of transmission is automatic. The ratio of first gear is 4.69. The ratio of 2nd gear is 3.31 and the ratio of third gear is 3. The ratio of the fourth gear is 1.92. 2022 Ford Escape’s fifth gear ratio is 1.45. The ratio of sixth gear is 1. The ratio of the seventh gear is 0.75 and the ratio of the eighth gear is 0.62.

Ford Escape Brakes

The brake is a necessary and functional part of the car. With the help of a brake, you can stop or slow the car. The brake is present in the form of front and rear forms. It is present on 4 wheels. The brake is present in disc form. The disc brake works properly.

Ford Escape Instruments

  •  Ford Escape hybrid consists of the trip meter.
  • The clock is the instrument.
  • The tachometer is present.
  • The compass and external temperature display are the instruments of the Ford Escape.

Ford Escape Safety

  •  2019 Ford Escape consists of an anti-lock braking system.
  • The safety of the child is very necessary safety.
  • It controls electronic stability and tractions.
  • The airbags are available for drivers and passengers.
  • The airbags are present on the rear and the front sides.
  • It contains crash sensors.
  • Seat belts are the safety of Ford Escape.
  • The facility of airbags is available.
  • Daytime running lights are present.
  • Ford Escape contains engine immobilizers.

Ford Escape Fuel and MPG

The mileage means the average of the car. People select those cars which have good mileage. Ford Escape mileage means the traveling of cars in the form of kilometers and miles. The combined mpg is 30mpg. The capacity of the fuel tank is 14.8 gal.

Ford Escape

Ford Escape Coloures

2023 Ford Escape consists of different coloures. Different people buy the car in different coloures.

  • Bronze fire
  • Velocity blue
  • Agate black
  • Rapid red
  • Star white
  • Silver
  • Gold

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