Pontiac Vibe

2023 Pontiac Vibe Review, Dimensions And Specs

Pontiac Vibe Review

Pontiac Vibe is a type of compact car and it is sold by Pontiac. NUMMI is the manufacturer of this car. The production starts from 2002 to 2009. The body style is very well. Its body style consists of 5 doors hatchback. The assembly occurred in United State. 2008 Pontiac Vibe wheelbase contains 2601mm. The platform is known as Toyota MC. Buick Envision, Buick Encore, and Toyota Corolla Cross are the successor of Pontiac Vibe. The first generation starts from 2002 to 2008. It is also known as Toyota Voltz. John Mack is the designer of this car. The maximum horsepower is [email protected] The maximum torque of Pontiac Vibe is [email protected] The performance of the engine is very great. It consists of 4 numbers of cylinders. The disc brake is a function that is present in this car. The combined mileage is 29 mpg. The capacity of seating is 5.

Pontiac Vibe

Pontiac Vibe Features and Specs

Pontiac Vibe Engine

2003 Pontiac Vibe engine ability is very well. The maximum horsepower is [email protected] The maximum torque of Pontiac Vibe is [email protected] There are 4 numbers of cylinders. The engine type is gas. It consists of 16 numbers of valves. The size of the base engine is 1.8l. The timing of the valve is present in variable form.

Pontiac Vibe

Pontiac Vibe Transmission

The word transmission means exchange of any things. The gear is an important part of the car. It consists of 5 speeds in the form of a manual. Each gear has a different ratio.

Pontiac Vibe Fuel and MPG

  •  2004 Pontiac Vibe consists of 29 mpg.
  • The capacity of the fuel tank is 13 gal.
  • The mileage in the city is 26 mpg.
  • The mileage on the highway is 33mpg.
  • The type of fuel is regular unleaded.

Pontiac Vibe Entertainment and Comfort

 2010 Pontiac Vibe is a source of entertainment and convenience. Many people adopt this car for traveling and enjoyment. The facility of speakers is available. AM and FM Stereo is the source of entertainment. It consists of front door pockets. Reading lights are present on the front sides. It consists of front and rear cup holders. A radio data system is the source of comfort that is present in a car.

Pontiac Vibe Dimension

2005 Pontiac Vibe‘s length is 171.9 inches. The width contains 69.9 inches. The height of the Pontiac Vibe is 62.2 inches. The front track is 59.6 inches while the rear track is 58.9 inches. The clearance of the ground is 5.9 inches. Pontiac Vibe’s curb weight is 2700lbs. The turning circle is 36.6 ft.

Pontiac Vibe Tyres and Wheels

  • The wheel is present in steel form.
  • The size of the wheel is 16 inches.
  • Pontiac Vibe tyres are used in four seasons.
  • The spare wheel is also present in the form of steel.
  • The size of tyre is 205/55R16.

Pontiac Vibe Suspension

Pontiac Vibe suspension is present in the form of front and rear suspension. The front suspension is independent. The rear suspension is a torsion beam. The front suspension is MacPherson Strut. Both suspensions are stabilizer bars.

Pontiac Vibe

Pontiac Vibe Safety

The airbags are available in cars. It consists of child seat anchors. The safety of the rear door child lock is very necessary and important. 2009 Pontiac Vibe has daytime running lights. Two headrests are present in front and two headrests are present in the rear. Driving or fog lights are the safety of Pontiac Vibe. It controls electronic stability.

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