Acura MDX

Acura MDX Review 2023 Review, Pictures And Specifications

Acura MDX Review

2022 Acura MDX is the type of three-row mid-size crossover SUV. A Japanese automaker produces Acura MDX. Acura is the manufacturer of this car. The production starts from 2000 to the present time. The body style is very well. Its body style is 5 doors SUV. It is considered 2nd number best car after Lexus RX. 2021 Acura MDX is also known as Honda MDX. It is available in Australia and Japan in the first generation. The assembly occurred in Canada and Alliston. It is related to the Honda Pilot. The production of the 2nd generation starts from 2006 to 2013. The engine displacement consists of 3.5 liters. Acura MDX’s maximum horsepower is [email protected] rpm. The maximum torque is [email protected] rpm. The capacity of the fuel tank is 18.5. Cup holders are present in front cup holders and rear cup holders. The mileage in the city is 19 mpg.

Acura MDX

Acura MDX Specifications

Acura MDX Transmission

There are 10 numbers of speeds in a car. The ratio of each gear is different. The gear is an important and functional part of the car. The ratio of 1st gear is 5.25. Acura MDX ratio of 2nd gear is 3.27. The ratio of 3rd gear is 2.19. The ratio of the 4th gear is 1.6. Acura MDX 2020 ratio of 5th gear is 1.30. The ratio of the 6th gear is 1. The ratio of the 7th gear is 0.78. The ratio of the 8th gear is 0.65. The ratio of the final drive axle is 4.17.

Acura MDX Engine

2016 Acura MDX engine ability is very excellent and great. It is a functional role in a car. The engine type is premium unleaded. . Acura MDX’s maximum horsepower is [email protected] rpm. The maximum torque is [email protected] rpm. The displacement contains 3.5 liters. The system of fuel is gasoline direct injection.

Acura MDX


Acura MDX Exterior Dimensions

Acura MDX wheelbase consists of 113.8 inches. The length is 198.3 inches. The width without mirrors is 78.7 inches. The height is 67.1 inches. The track is present on the front and rear sides. The width of the front track is 67.7 and the width of the rear track is also 67.7 inches.

Acura MDX Interior Dimensions

2017 Acura MDX interior is very Excellent and outstanding. The capacity of passenger seating is 7. The volume of total passengers is 139 cubic feet. Acura MDX’s front headroom is 38.5 inches. The front legroom is 41.6 inches. The front shoulder room is 61.9 inches. Acura MDX front hip room is 59.3 inches. The legroom of the second row is 38.5 inches. The second row of headroom is 38 inches. The shoulder room of the 2nd row is 60.3 inches while the 2nd row of the hip room is 57.8 inches. The third-row headroom consists of 36.2 inches. Third-row legroom is 29 inches. The shoulder room of the 3rd row is 55 inches while the hip room of the 3rd row is 40.6 inches.

Suspension and Brakes

The suspension is present in front and rear form. It may be front and rear suspension. The front suspension type is a double-wishbone and the rear type is multi-link. Acura MDX brake is present in the form of a disc. The disc brake is functional and great. The anti-lock braking system is present on 4 wheels.

Acura MDX Wheels and Tyres

The material of the front and rear wheels are made up of aluminum. The size of the front wheel is 20×9 inches. The rear size is also 20×9 inches. The material of the spare wheel is present in the form of steel. The size of the front and the rear tyre is the same. The size of both tyres is P255/50HR20.

Acura MDX Safety

 2018 Acura MDX controls traction and electronic stability. The safety of children is necessary and important. Parking sensors are present on the front and rear sides. The airbags are available for drivers and passengers. Airbags occurred in front and rear type seats. The side impact beam is the safety of Acura MDX. The facility of the backside camera is important for safety.

Acura MDX

Acura MDX Mileage

The Acura MDX mileage in the city is 19 mpg. The average car on the highway is 26 mpg. If the engine ability is well then the mileage is also great. Most people select good mileage cars. You check the average of cars in the form of miles and kilometers in a fixed time.

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