APRILIA SR 125 Price, Milleage, And Features


APRILIA SR 125 2022 is an Indian bike. It is most famous in all cities of India. The people select this bike for travelling and enjoyments. The displacement of Aprilia is 124.45 cc. It consists of single cylinder and 4 number of stroke. The maximum power of this bike is [email protected] rpm. The maximum torque is 9.7 [email protected] rpm. Brake is very well. Front brake is present in the form of disc while rear brake is in the form of drum. The fuel capacity of Aprilia is 6 liter. Many functional and important instruments are present in Aprilia. It consists of 3 numbers of valves. The top speed of Aprilia SR 125 2023 is 90 kilometer per hour or kmph. It is occur in different nearly seven or eight colors. It consists of handle bar which provide you better grip on the sudden brakes. Handle main function is to save you from accidents. With the help of handle you can move a bike on every side.


Features and specifications of Aprilia SR 125

Aprilia SR 125 fuel economy is a very excellent and wonderful bike in India because it has many advantages. Many people mostly select this bike for entertainment. Following are the characteristics of Aprilia SR 125 price in chennai.

Dimension and weight of Aprilia SR 125

The total length of this bike is 1985mm and width is 806mm. The total kerb weight is 115 kilogram or kg. Height consists of 1166 mm. The clearance of ground is 155mm. Wheelbase contains 1365mm and the height of the seat is 780 mm.

Aprilia SR125 engine

The engine is an important role in vehicles. The displacement consists of 124.45 cc and only the number of cylinder. There are number of three valves in this type of bike. The maximum horsepower is 9.8 [email protected] and the torque is 9.7 [email protected] rpm. The system of cooling is very well that is called air-cooled. The type of ignition is CDI form. The performance of the engine is successful.

Aprilia SR 125 fuel

The fuel type is petrol and the efficiency of fuel is 4200KMPL.

The fuel delivery system is fuel injection.

Aprilia SR125 engine

Aprilia SR 125 suspensions

The suspension con sists of in twocgory. One is front suspension and other is rear suspension. Front suspension presents in hydraulateic form and telescopic fork. The rear suspension is in the form of hydraulic shock absorber.

Aprilia SR 125 brakes and tires

Brake is also a necessary part in the vehicle. Brake is presents in both wheels in front and rear side. The front brake is in the form of disc and rear brake in the form of drum. If you talk about the size of tyres then size of both tyre is equal or same to each other. The size of wheel is 120/70-14. This size is same for couple.

Aprilia SR 125 instruments

Aprilia SR 125 on road price consists of few important instruments that are beneficial for bike. Speedometer is the famous instruments that are presents in Modified aprilia sr 125. Speedometer is found in the form of digital. The process of starting is electric start. Pillion seat is also part of this good bike. The type of headlight is halogen. Aprilia SR 125 price in kerala consists of pass light. Trip meter and odometer are found in the form of digital.

Aprilia SR125 2022

Aprilia SR 125 Milleage

The Aprilia SR 125 mileage per liter contains 40 km/l. this mileage is very good.

Aprilia SR 125 colors

This bike is presents in different colors. People choices the bike in very variations. The choices depend upon customer. Different colors are the following:







This is 7 colors that is found in Aprilia SR 125 on road price in bangalore.

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