Honda CD 70

Honda CD 70

Honda CD 70

Honda CD 70 2022 is the manufacturer in Pakistan. Now the majority of Honda CD 70 is produced CD from 1970 to 1991 and the productionof this bike is moved in 1991 in Pakistan. This bike is also called CD 70. The parent company is known as Honda motor company and it is the most famous company. The production starts from 1970 to the present time. The engine consists of 72cc. The horsepower is [email protected] rpm and the torque is 5 [email protected] The ratio of compression is 8.8:1.

Honda CD 70

Characteristics of Honda CD 70

It consists of only a number of cylinders. The transmission consists of four speeds manual. The Honda CD brake is found in the form of a drum. Both front and rear brake is drum type. Its class is a standard form.

The system of starting is the kick system. Honda CD 70 top speed is 80 kilometers per hour or 80km/h. The capacity or ability of petrol is 8.5 liters. The total dry weight of this bike is 82 KG. The size of the wheel is 17 inches. It consists of two tyres front and rear type. The type of frame is the backbone. There is no fault on their parts.

Honda CD 70

Features and specifications of Honda CD

 Honda CD 70 engine

The engine is a functional and an important part of Honda CD 70. The engine of this bike is very well and good working. It consists of 4 strokes and a single cylinder in the form of air-cooled. The bore and stroke are also parts of the engine. The bore is 47mm and the stroke is 41mm. The system of starting is the kick system. With the help of a kick, the bike is start. The ratio of compression is 8.8:1. The horsepower contains [email protected] and the torque is [email protected] rpm.  The capacity of petrol is 8 liter.

Honda CD 70 transmission

Transmission is also a vital role. Honda CD 70 consists of 4 numbers of gears. These gears come one after one. Transmission helps the bike to run.

Honda CD 70 dimension

Dimension is present in the kind of length, width, and height. Length, width, and height are different from each other in mm. The length contains 1897mm or 74.7 inches while the width is 751mm or 29.6 inches. Height consists of 1014mm or 39.9 inches. The size of the wheel is 17 inches. The clearance of the ground is 136 mm.

Honda CD 70 tyre

It consists of two tyre. One is front and another is rear. Both tyres are tubeless form. The front tyre consists of 2.25 to 17 and rear tyre is 2.50 to 17 inches. Rear tyre means back tyre.

Honda CD 70 colors

The Honda CD 70 consists of possible two colors. The colors are present in variation. One is black and the second is red. Both colors are famous in Pakistan and Japanese countries. Now, these colors are famous in many countries. Some person adopts red color and some select black.

Brakes of Honda CD 70

Brake helps in stopping the bike and it is the source of protection. The brake has occurred in the front and rear sides. Both are in the form of drums. When you turn the bike then you need the brake.

Honda CD 70 seats, headlights, and clutch

Honda CD consists of a seat, headlight, and clutch. The seat is comfortable for drivers and passengers. The headlight is important that is used in nighttime or in the condition of fog. The clutch-type is multiple.

Honda CD mileage

The mileage is very excellent on this bike. The average is 70 km/L. Due to his best average, many people adopt the Honda CD bikes. The mileage depends on the speed of the bike. Sometimes speed is high and sometimes the speed is low. After buying the bike people check the mileage of the bike. If the petrol average is best then people buy the bike. So the people buy Honda CD 70.

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