Kawasaki Barako

Kawasaki Barako Review, Images And Specs

Kawasaki Barako Review

Kawasaki Barako 2022 is a type of motorcycle built by Kawasaki Motors Philippines. It was launched in 2004. The production starts from 2004 to the present time. The class is a standard form. The capacity of the engine is 177cc. There are 4 numbers of strokes and only a number of cylinders. The capacity of fuel is 12 L. The type of transmission is manual form. Kawasaki Barako 175 consists of 4 numbers of transmissions. The front and rear brake are present in drum form. It consists of 2 numbers of valves. The maximum horsepower is 12.74. The maximum torque is 13.14 [email protected] The system of cooling is air-cooled. The type of drive is the chain drive.

Kawasaki Barako

Kawasaki Barako Specifications

Kawasaki Barako Engine

The engine is a very important and necessary part of the bike. The power of the engine is very great. The displacement of the engine is 177cc. The maximum torque is 13.14 [email protected] rpm. The maximum horsepower is 12.74. Kawasaki Barako 175 modified consists of an air-cooled system. There are 4 numbers of strokes and only a number of cylinders. It contains 2 numbers of valves. If the engine working is well then the mileage of the bike is also very well. The mileage depends upon the ability of the engine. So the engine should be excellent.

Kawasaki Barako

Kawasaki Barako Transmission

The transmission means the process of gears. All the gears are a very important and functional role in the bike. The bike is running with the help of gear. Kawasaki Barako is a manual type. It consists of 4 numbers of gears. The ratio of each gear is present in variation form.

Kawasaki Barako Brake

The brake is present on the front and rear sides of the bike. The front and rear brakes are in the form of drums. The brake also has a vital role in the bike. You can stop or slow the bike with the help of a brake. Brake save you from bad conditions or accident.

Kawasaki Barako Dimension

  • The width of the bike is 805mm.
  • The height is 1070mm.
  • The length of the bike consists of 2010 mm.
  • The capacity of seating is 2.
  • The category is street type.

Kawasaki Barako Fuel and Ignition

  • The capacity of fuel is 12 L.
  • The system of start is two ways.
  • The system of starting is the electric start and kick system.
  • You can start biking in these two ways.

Kawasaki Barako Electricals

  • It consists of headlamps.
  • Kawasaki Barako  175 manual contains a tail lamp.
  • The headlamp is halogen.
  • The tail lamp is bulb form.
  • It consists of indicators lights.

Kawasaki Barako Instruments

  • Kawasaki Barako may be speedometer.
  • It consists of an odometer.
  • The fuel gauge is present.
  • These three instruments are present in analogue form.

Kawasaki Barako Performances

The ability of the engine is excellent. It consists of 4 numbers of gears. Kawasaki Barako is available in variations of coloures. It consists of instruments. There are 2 numbers of valves and a single cylinder. The Kawasaki Barako 175 top speed displacement is 177cc. Kawasaki Barako’s mileage is 57kmpl. This bike is starting with the help of a kick and electric system. The suspension occurs on the front and rear sides.

Kawasaki Barako Mileage

The mileage means an average of bikes in kilometer form. You can check the distance of the bike in one-liter petrol. Most people choices good mileage bikes. The Kawasaki Barako mileage is 57kmpl. The mileage is different on the road.

Kawasaki Barako

Kawasaki Barako Prices

  • The Kawasaki Barako Philippines price is P87,500.
  • It is available in one variant.
  • Kawasaki Barako 175 prices

Kawasaki Barako Coloures

Kawasaki Barako175 for sale is available in nearly 4 different coloures. Red is most common in all coloures. Kawasaki Barako consists of balk, grey, blue and red coloures. Some people buy red and some buy another coloure bike. Every man has their own wishes. Now, these bikes are present in all big cities of the Philippines.

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