KTM 200 Duke Power, Mileage And Review


KTM 200 DUKE is an Indian bike. Like another bike, it is also a famous and useful bike in Indian country. The total weight of this kind is 159 kilograms or kg. KTM200 Duke consists of a 199.5 cc engine and has four valves. The capacity of oil is 1.4 liter and power is 19kw. It consists of only a number of cylinders. The maximum power is 25.82 [email protected] rpm and the maximum torque is 19 [email protected] rpm. The brake is an important role in a bike that is present in the front and rear sides. Both the front and rear occur in the form of a disc. Many instruments are presented in the form of a speedometer, odometer, trip meter, and tachometer. It consists of a handlebar.  The ratio of compression is 11.5:1. It consists of only two possible colors orange and white. The mileage consists of 33 KMPL. It consists of a clutch that is multi-disc. The capacity of the fuel tank is 13.5 liters. KTM 200 Duke is found in many cities of India. KTM 200 Duke is also known as a sports bike. Slowly, it becomes famous in almost all countries.


KTM 200 Duke specifications

Power and performance of KTM 200 Duke

The type of fuel is petrol. The maximum power of the horse is 25.82 [email protected] rpm. The maximum torque is 19 Nm @8000 rpm. Displacement consists of 199.5 ccs and only the number of cylinders. It consists of 4 valves per cylinder. Bore and stroke are also present in this engine. The bore is 72mm and the stroke is 49mm. The engine is very well on this bike.


KTM 200 Duke transmission

The transmission is an important part of the vehicle. It consists of 6-speed manual transmission. This gear helps the bike to run.

KTM 200 Duke brake

The system of brake is dual-channel ABS. The brake is found in the form or kind of front and rear side. The front brake is in the form of a disc. The rear brake is also in the form of a disc. The size of the front brake is 300 mm and the size of the rear brake is 230 mm.

KTM 200 Duke Wheels

The size of the front tyre is 150/70×17 and the rear side of the tire is 150/70×17. The tire consists of tubeless and different tyre pressure. The pressure of the front tire is 29 psi and the pressure of the rear tire is 32 psi. The wheel is made up of aluminum.


KTM 200 Duke Dimensions and chassis

The total curb weight of this bike is 159 kilograms. The overall length contains 2072mm. Width contains 831mm and height is 1109 mm. The wheelbase consists of 1357mm and the clearance of the ground is 155mm. The height of the seat is 822mm.

KTM 200 Duke instruments

It consists of many instruments. Odometer is presented in the form of digital. Speedometer and trip meter are also in the form of digital. Indicators are present in this kind of bike. Some indicators show low battery and some show low fuel. You can say it consists of low indicator battery, low indicator fuel, and low indicator oil. Pass light, turn signal and headlight is important part of KMT 200 Duke. It consists of a clock and a battery. The battery is 12 V which is the functional role in a bike. The system of electric consists of 12V DC. It consists of an electric start.


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