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New 2024 Bollinger B2 Price, Engine, & Features

2024 Bollinger B2

New Model Bollinger B2 is an electric vehicle manufacturer that was launched in 2020 by Robert Bollinger, a former product designer for Land Rover. The company’s purpose is to produce powerful, durable and affordable off-road vehicles for the everyday consumer. It provides a perfect blend of style and sophistication while still being reliable enough to handle treacherous terrain.

The Bollinger B2 has been designed with an iconic look inspired by classic American pickup trucks but with robust features such as four-wheel drive, independent suspension, adjustable ride height and all-weather tires. The interior has also been designed with luxury materials such as leather seating, digital instrumentation and plenty of storage areas. Additionally, the vehicle offers up to 320 miles of pure electric range on a single charge making it ideal for long trips away from civilization.

Bollinger B2 Design:

Design is an essential aspect of the Bollinger B2 electric truck. This unique vehicle offers a structure and form that is both practical and cutting-edge. It boasts an impressive towing capacity, as well as an all-aluminum exterior meant to stand up to the elements for years to come.

The interior of new B2 feature a spacious cabin designed with ergonomics in mind. The wide-open design gives drivers plenty of legroom and headroom, while also allowing them to easily access any equipment they may need throughout their journey. Additionally, the cab has been given extra reinforcement around its windows and doors for added safety and security from outside intruders or objects.

Bollinger B2

Bollinger B2 Powertrain:

The Bollinger B2 specs is the world’s first all-electric sport utility truck, and it packs a powerful punch. Its powertrain feature electric muscle, offering up to 614 horsepower with an impressive 668 lb-ft of torque. The B2 also offers up to 200 miles of range on a single charge from its dual-motor powertrain that works in tandem with the two 700 V batteries.

The intuitive electric powertrain on the Bollinger B2 provides for incredible off-road capability. It’s equipped with four selectable drive modes – Street, Sport, Tow/Haul and Off Road – allowing drivers to customize their driving experience in whatever environment they are facing. With instant torque and adaptive dampers, the B2 can navigate treacherous terrain including rocks, sand, snow and mud with ease.

Bollinger B2 Capabilities:

The Bollinger B2 range is a 4×4 utility vehicle that has taken the off-road industry by storm. Its unique blend of all-terrain capabilities and innovative technology makes it one of the most versatile vehicles on the market today. With its combination of ruggedness and advanced engineering, the B2 can tackle any terrain imaginable.

At the heart of this vehicle’s power is its All-Terrain Technology (ATT) system. This proprietary technology combines an advanced suspension system with a powerful engine to ensure maximum performance in even the toughest conditions. The ATT system also features an adjustable ride height for greater ground clearance, allowing drivers to traverse over any obstacle with ease. In addition, it’s equipped with anti-lock brakes and traction control for improved handling in wet or slippery conditions, making it ideal for both on and off road adventures alike.

Bollinger B2 2022

Bollinger B2 Safety Features:

The Bollinger B2 release date is an all-electric vehicle that offers more than just a secure ride. With advanced safety features and sophisticated technology, this SUV has been designed to keep its passengers safe at all times. It features advanced airbag systems with dual-stage deployment, allowing for superior protection in the event of a collision. Additionally, it comes equipped with a range of driver assistance technologies such as lane departure warning systems and automated emergency braking. These provide drivers with real-time alerts and warnings when potential hazards are detected on the road ahead. Furthermore, the high-strength steel roll cage construction provides superior rigidity and stability while also helping to reduce vibrations from uneven surfaces or bumps in the roads. The Bollinger B2 ensures that its occupants are secure during their journey no matter where they go.

Bollinger B2 Price:

The Bollinger B2 price is an electric sport utility truck that promises to provide an impressive mix of performance and utility. The company has quickly established itself as a leader in the segment thanks to its attractive design, top-notch engineering, and advanced technology. And while the price tag may seem steep at first glance, it’s worth noting that the cost could be justified by what you get with this vehicle.

New B2 boasts a range of 300 miles on a single charge and can reach speeds up to 125 miles per hour. It also features air suspension for off-roading capabilities and independent four wheel drive for better traction even on wet or icy roads. In addition, it’s equipped with an active safety system which includes adaptive cruise control and collision avoidance technology to help keep drivers safe on the road.

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The Bollinger B2 for sale is the perfect vehicle for anyone looking to conquer their toughest off-road trails. With its powerful electric motors, longer wheelbase, and all-wheel drive system, this vehicle was designed to take on whatever terrain Mother Nature throws your way. Best of all, the B2 offers drivers a unique combination of performance and style in an affordable package.

The custom design features of the Bollinger B2 provide an excellent driving experience with plenty of room for passengers and cargo alike. Whether you’re out conquering those rugged mountain paths or just running errands around town, you can trust that the B2 will get you wherever you need to go without missing a beat. Thanks to its military grade suspension system and advanced traction control technology, even the toughest terrains are no match for this powerhouse machine.


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