Skoda Kodiaq

Skoda Kodiaq Review, colours And Images

Skoda Kodiaq Review

Skoda Kodiaq 2022 is is a mid- size crossover SUV. The manufacturer of this bike is Skoda Auto and the production starts from 2016 to the present time. The assembly of this bike is in the Czech Republic. The assembly is present in other countries such as China, Russia, Ukraine, and India. The designer of this car is Jozef Kaban. The style of this car is very excellent. The body style of this car is 5 doors SUV. The type of engine is petrol form. Skoda Kodiaq mileage is 12.78 kmpl. Displacement of an engine is very powerful that is 1984 cc.

It consists of 4 numbers of cylinders. The maximum horsepower of this car is 187.74 [email protected] The maximum torque is [email protected] The capacity of seating is 7. Seven people sets in this car. The capacity of the fuel tank is 58.

Skoda Kodiaq

Skoda Kodiaq Specifications

Skoda Kodiaq Engine

The engine of the car is a very important and functional part of the car. It plays a vital role in the car during running. The displacement of the engine is 1984cc. It consists of 4 numbers of cylinders. The maximum horsepower is 187.74 [email protected] rpm. The maximum torque is [email protected] capacity of the fuel tank is 58. The type of body is SUV. The boot space consists of 270 liters. The type of fuel is petrol.

Skoda Kodiaq


Skoda Kodiaq Dimensions

  • The length contains 4699mm.
  • The width consists of 1882mm.
  • Height is 1665mm.
  • The capacity of seating is 7.
  • The Skoda Kodiaq ground clearance of the ground is 192mm.
  • The wheelbase is 2791mm.
  • The total curb weight is 1793 kg.
  • It consists of 5 numbers doors.

Skoda Kodiaq Transmission

  • The transmission in the bike is necessary.
  • The type of transmission is automatic.
  • It consists of 7 numbers gears.
  • All the gears work automatic way.

Skoda Kodiaq Interior

  • The Skoda Kodiaq 2022 interior side consists of the tachometer.
  • The interior of the car consists of leather seats.
  • It contains a digital clock.
  • Odometer is present in the form of digital.

Skoda Kodiaq Exterior

  • The exterior consists of many things that are all important.
  • Adjustable headlights are present on the exterior side.
  • Fog lights are present on the front and rear sides.
  • Exterior mirrors are important features in the car.
  • With the help of mirrors, you can see the backside of the car.
  • Rain sensing wipers are present on the exterior side.
  • Alloy wheels and cover wheels are present.
  • Sunroof and moon roof are also important.
  • Lightning is present which is used at night times.

Skoda kodiaq Fuel and Performance

  • The type of fuel is petrol type.
  • The mileage of the car is 12.78 kmpl.
  • The capacity of the fuel tank is 58.
  • The average of this car is excellent

Skoda Kodiaq Suspension

  • The suspension contains front and rear suspension.
  • Front suspension is a McPherson.
  • The rear suspension is a multi-element axle.

Skoda Kodiaq Brakes and Steering

  • A brake is present in the form of a front and rear brake.
  • Both brakes are in disc form.
  • Brake is an important part because you can stop or slow the car.
  • The disc brake is a well-working brake than other brakes.

Skoda Kodiac Entertainments and Communication

  • Skoda Kodiaq in India is the source of comfort and entertainment.
  • Skoda Kodiaq consists of a radio.
  • It contains speakers.
  • Speaker is present on the front side and rear side.
  • A touch screen is available.
  • Bluetooth is connected.
  • The size of the touch screen is 8 inches.
  • There are 12 numbers of speakers.
  • The facility of wireless that charges the phone.
  • Skoda Kodiaq

Skoda Kodiaq safety

  • Skoda Kodiaq is an anti-lock braking system.
  • It contains central lock and power door locks.
  • The safety of children is very important in this car.
  • The alarm is present.
  • There are 9 numbers of airbags.
  • Airbags are present for passengers and drivers.
  • The airbag occurs in the front and rear sides.
  • The facility of rearview mirrors is important.
  • Headlamps are present that work automatically.
  • Engine immobilizer and crash sensor have occurred in the car.
  • Impact beams are found inside and front form.

Skoda Kodiaq Colours

  • Skoda Kodiaq 2022 price car is available in 6 different colours.
  • People select a car in different colours.
  • Some buy blue metallic and some buy moon white metallic.
  • The six colours are following:
  • Lava blue metallic
  • Moon white metallic
  • Magic blue metallic
  • Race blue metallic
  • Steel grey metallic
  • Graphite grey metallic











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