Subaru Ascent

Subaru Ascent 2023 Review, Specifications And Dimensions

Subaru Ascent Review

Subaru Ascent is the type of three rows mid-size crossover SUV. The Subaru is the manufacturer of this car. The second name of this car is Subaru Evoltis. Subaru Ascent considers the best and largest manufactures in Subaru. The time of production is 2018 to the present time. The assembly is in the United States and the body style consists of 5 doors SUV. This car is the best source of entertainment and comfort. It is related to Subaru Legacy and Subaru Outback.  2019 Subaru Ascent wheelbase is 2891mm. The capacity of the fuel tank is 19.3. The capacity of seating is 8. The system of anti-lock brake is present. Disc brakes are an important role in this type of car. Subaru Ascent base curb weight is 4515 pounds. Its exterior and interior sides are very well and great. The length is 196.7 inches. The combined mpg is 22 mpg.

Subaru Ascent

Subaru Ascent Specifications

Subaru Ascent Transmission

The ratio of transmission of each gear is a different form. There are 8 numbers of speeds in the car. The gears are an important role in a car. The description of transmission is CVT. The ratio of the reverse gear is 3.39. The ratio of the final drive axle is 4.44.

Subaru Ascent Engine

Everyone this talk that the engine is the main and functional part of every vehicle. 2020 Subaru Ascent horsepower is [email protected] rpm. The maximum torque is [email protected] rpm. The system of fuel is gasoline direct injection. There are 16 numbers of valves and 4 cylinders. The kind of fuel is gas. It consists of a double overhead cam. The valve timing is variable.

Subaru Ascent

 Subaru Ascent Dimensions

The length consists of 196.7 inches. The width without mirrors is 76. Its height is 71.6 inches. The clearance of the ground is 8.7 inches. The curb weight is 4515. The wheelbase contains 113.8 inches. The capacity of cargo is 17.8 cu-ft. The maximum capacity of towing is 5000 lbs.

Front Seat Dimension

  • The front headroom is 41.3 inches.
  • The front legroom contains 42.2 inches.
  • Subaru Ascent 2021 front shoulder room is 61 inches.
  • The front hip room is 57.7 inches.

Rear Seat Dimension

  • Subaru Ascent’s rear headroom contains 40 inches.
  • The rear legroom is 38.6 inches.
  • The rear shoulder room is 60.3 inches.
  • The hip room of the rear side consists of 57.5 in.

Entertainment and Comfort

Subaru Ascent 2022 is the source of comfort and convenience. Most people select these cars because these types of cars are the best source of traveling and comfort. There are 6 numbers of speakers.  AM and FM Stereo are available. The connection of a USB is a source of pleasure and happiness. The door pockets are present on the front and in the rear side. The cup holders are present in the front, rear, and 3rd rows. Subaru Ascent for sale contains front seatback storage. Interior air filtration is a source of comfort and entertainment.

Subaru Ascent Instruments

  • Subaru Ascent onyx consists of the clock.
  • The tachometer is the instrument.
  • Compass is also present.
  • These are the important instruments of this car.

Subaru Ascent

Subaru Ascent Safety

Subaru Ascent onyx edition controls electronic stability and traction. The safety of children in car is very necessary. The airbags are available in the front and rear seats. Airbags are available for passengers and drivers. The 2 numbers headrests are present on the front side and 3 headrests are present on the rear side. The engine immobilizers are the safety of Subaru Ascent. It may contain daytime running lights and fog lights. Headlamps are present. The safety of the seatbelt is also available. Due to more safety, this car considers the best and most excellent car.

Fuel and MPG

Subaru Ascent mileage is 22 mpg. The combined mpg on the highway is 26 mpg while the average in the city is 20 mpg. The mileage depends upon the bad and good conditions of a car engine. The capacity of the fuel tank is 19.3 gallons. The kind of fuel is regular unleaded.

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