Suzuki GD 110s Review, Price And Mileage

Suzuki GD 110s Review

Suzuki GD 110 S is the Suzuki automobile. It is made in the country of China. The parent of this bike is a Suzuki motor. Now, this bike is present in nearly all countries. Suzuki GD 110 bike has good performance and good engine ability. The transmission consists of 4 speeds or you can simply it has 4 gears that are functional. The engine of this bike is 4 stroke and only a number of cylinders in the form of air-cooled. Displacement has 113 cc. The horsepower contains [email protected] and the torque is [email protected] rpm. The capacity of petrol is 9L. The average of fuel is 35 kilometers per hour. You can write kilometer per hour to km/h. The average of Suzuki GD110 S is simply great. The Suzuki GD 110s price pakistan 2022

Suzuki GD 110 S

  Suzuki GD 110S specifications

Suzuki GD 110s Engine

The engine is a functional role in the bike during running. Suzuki GD 110 engine is very well. It consists of 4 strokes and a single cylinder in the form of air-cooled. The displacement contains 113cc. The horsepower is [email protected] and the torque is 8.5 [email protected] rpm. The bore and stroke are also present in this bike. The bore contains 51 nm and the stroke is 55.2 nm. You can write bore x stroke in the shape of 51 x 55.2.

Suzuki GD 110 S

Suzuki GD110s Dimension

In dimension, you measure three parts. The height, width, and length are found in dimension. The height consists of 1050 mm, the width consists of 750mm and at last, the length is 1900mm. The dry weight of this bike is 108 kilograms or kg. The clearance of the ground is 140mm. Suzuki GD 110S installment plan

Suzuki GD110s Tyre

Suzuki GD 110 S consists of two types of tyre. The front and rear side tyre is necessary in bike. The size of the wheel is 17 inches. The tyre at the backside is 2.75 -17 and the front side is 2.5- 17. Many company tyre is the best and long life for this bike.

Suzuki GD110s Brake

Suzuki GD 110s 2022 brake is a necessary part and functional role in the bike during traveling. The brake is present in the form of front and rear types. The front brake and rear brake are drum form. These are expanding brake. Brake is used when you stop the bike and turn the bike to another side. When you in a speed on a bike, with the help of it you can slow the bike. That is why it is a necessary and functional part. Suzuki GD 110s spare parts price in Pakistan

Suzuki GD110s Fuel Tank

The Suzuki GD 110 OLX fuel tank and suspension of this bike are very good. The capacity of the fuel tank is 2.48 gallons. Suspension may be front and rear suspension. The front suspension is present in the form of a telescopic fork. The rear suspension is present in the form of a swing arm.

 Suzuki GD 110s Colours

Suzuki GD 110 S is presented in 4 different coloures. Black, grey, red, and blue are the four top coloure of this bike. Some people adopt red and some black and so on. This bike is a source of entertainment and comfort. These colorers are present in many different countries.

Suzuki GD 110s Mileage

The mileage means the average of petrol per liter of the bike. The Suzuki DG 110 S covers the distance of 35 kilometers per liter. Simply you can say the average of this bike is 35 Kmpl. When people buy the bike first of all they check the mileage of the bike. Whether the average of petrol is good or not. The bike that has good mileage then its engine has also good.

Suzuki GD 110s Transmission

Transmission is also a functional and vital role in Suzuki GD 110 S. It consists of a 4-speed gearbox. These gear come one after one. The type or form of transmission is a chain.

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